Saturday, November 19, 2016

Purely Purple- Flaunting a new necklace

delica bead weaving

  Diwali has come and gone and the cooler months of November and December have come. Though the climate is one that I love, it gets dark pretty fast for me to pursue my beadwork . Hence the projects are progressing at a very slow pace. But it does give me time to catch up with what`s happening in the internet world. Projects that are waiting to be blogged about has been the first on the list.And of course vising all the posts I`ve missed reading from my blogger friends.
 So here`s what I had made for myself for Diwali , an up-cycled piece of jewellery, a little new thing for my birthday as well as Diwali

necklace in Peyote stitch

Since the pendant was small. I wanted a narrow motif to enhance the beauty of the intricate gold work. . Shades of purple were just right for it is one shade sadly lacking in my collection. And the touch of  nicely compliments  the purple colour.

How do you like it? Do drop your suggestions and comments. Would love to hear from you

Ciao, will be back soon

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tribal pendants, full of vibrant bling !

bead weaving, beaded bead, peyote stitch pattern

     Back from blogging haitus!!  Oh yes.  I have not been paying attention to my jewelry blog, but there are many excuses, - travelling, redoing the house after the December  floods, catching up with friends on social media , but the most important one is that I`m truly hooked to learning ( and sometimes discarding ) new techniques and creating  patterns for myself. 
A couple of months ago . I decided to try my hand at peyote stitch, not for the first time though,making the pattern and getting the shape took some time .  Not sure of how it would turn out, tried both fireline thread as well as Nymo in each pendant. The only mistake I think I made is that for the second piece I think I should have not woven very tightly as I now observe a slight distortion in the pattern. Or it could be as because I started the pattern from the center. Not sure , anyways am happy that it is not so visible in the final necklace .

beaded fring, multicolor bead pendants, ethnic boho

 It was fun creating the pendants, and I loved the colors . Adding the beaded beads I made, I combined Indian glass beads in black and green with an adjustable thread necklace. Of course making the beaded beads with peyote stitch did take some time but then  I am quite happy with how the pattern came out finally.

seed beadwork

Hope you liked the necklaces .
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Ciao for now , will be back with something new soon…..

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