Friday, April 11, 2014

My latest WIP - using the antique chinese dragon bead pendant !

It`s been nearly a month since I blogged about the antique chinese dragon bead necklace that I had made years back .  I started off quite enthusiastically cutting off my necklace to create something that is really spectacular with the bead! But , I did not take into consideration the time it would take to complete the project to my satisfaction.

The beads all ready and shiny after a bit of polishing are so exciting to look at , and I immediately started to plan my design . But after making and discarding one sample for another ( delayed by  a week ) I still was undecided as to what technique of beading I should use . Finally after putting in a lot of thinking I settled for a tubular bead netting technique and started working on the necklace . Mortira of Inspirational Beading  posted a lovely tutorial of tubular Bead netting stitch which caught my eye . You can find it here

But here too I came across another block  . The limegreen beads were bought years back and I quickly ran out of them and had to spend days getting more of them   !  Once I started the netting , I liked the combination so much that I refused to settle for another shade . And here in India , as we  have a very general system of   sizing or branding  beads , I had to give the samples to a friend to get it from another city ! ..... Again a fortnight lost .

  But finally after all the delay ,  here`s the completed necklace. I`ve named it "The Dragon Room " necklace , because for a few days my work room was dominated by only one thing , the dragon bead ..LOL!

                                                        " The Dragon Bead Necklace "
tubular netting stitch
close-up of the pendant 
vintage silver pendant
I love the tiny red eyes of this fierce little dragon !

carved turquoise beads
the necklace all complete with blue onyx focal bead , and vintage carved turquoise  beads as well as silverbeads.

   Don`t  you think the dragon bead  looks better in this new avatar ?  I think so and am quite pleased that finally I was able to make the necklace to my liking even though there was a lot of delay .

Do drop in a line , for like always I will be waiting to hear from you , and do stop soon to see a couple of pieces I created when I was waiting for the lime green beads to arrive .

bidding a beading goodbye '


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ready to bead again !

It`s been a while since I made anything new for myself . And after tidying my workspace for Sharyl`s challenge , I have been feeling quite happy that my bead stash is  now more organised . I found some pieces of jewellery ,  lying  among the bead  'mixed-up' soup .

vintage silver beads
Dragon bead necklace

necklace using antique silver beads

The necklace here is one such piece I found in that jumble . I had made it years ago when I first started exploring different techniques of jewellery making . I had used an antique chinese dragon bead , terracota beads which I painted black and some coral colored glass beads . Using embroidery floss in turquoise , I added some color by coiling it around packaging twine ! ( did`nt have any of the jewellery making material then . ) Wearing it for a couple of times , I had kept it aside , as , after looking minutely , I was not happy with the finishing .

     So this is the piece I`m going to work on  and remake in a new avatar  as my current project . I want to make a necklace but this time using only beads . But before I do that , I thought I would take some pictures for old times sake and put it on record .

Any ideas or suggestions for the new avatar ?


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