Wednesday, August 13, 2014

" Caught in the net "- Yet another necklace crafted in Crochet !

Caught in the net ....

 Crochet has been one of my favorite techniques and though I have made a lot of  accessories  using this technique , I have hardly made any jewelry using this technique . One thing I found to my surprise is that I could use a lot of smaller bits of yarn left over from my previous projects . Also since I am well versed with crochet , it does not take me long ( unlike beading ) to complete a project . And above all , what made me happy was that I could create and transform whatever I imagined  into reality very quickly without any trial and error , a normal occurrence with my bead projects .

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    So here`s my latest necklace using crochet , beads , cabs and metal chain . I have given it a boho look as I think it goes well with Indian clothes as well as westerns which is really fine for me. The idea was to depict corals in the beautiful shade of red caught between an old fishing net , covered with algae and worn due to age .

coral, and beads in crochet

 The center pendant is made with crochet and I have made two layers to give it a thicker look and to attach the faux coral  cabochon  . I have then joined both the layers with red yarn . Since I was already well versed with the crochet caps or half of the bead you could call , from my earlier theme , it took only a couple of hours to finish . Using embroidery yarn , I created the net on the bottom of the pendant. I had a mossy shaded green yarn left over from my embroidery project
   It was only the final assembly that took a day .    The attached corals just would not  remain in place. I tried using yarn ,  but the crochet net was a little limp ,which caused the corals to droop downwards because of the weight of the glass beads . It took time to get the look I wanted as I had to reassemble the necklace once again  . But I think , after all , the necklace has turned out pretty well and I am happy with the result .

nautical jewelry

Wow ....yet another necklace done ! And it`s getting to be quite addictive .....

what do you say ? do write and let me know how you found it ,

Happy crafting till next time


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